Ways to Boost Your Energy and Happiness

One of the biggest challenges I face is to stay energized. Let’s face it: At the end of a crazy work day,  the last thing I want to do is tackle a new project or do something other than hide under my sheets. I barely have the energy to make dinner let alone take on a new task.

Finding the motivation is tough, but not impossible. There are plenty of helpful practices that help keep our energy juices a-flowin’ –like making sure you get a solid 6-9 hours of sleep, or making sure to do some type of exercise every day.

In my case, six hours of sleep and exercising every other day is more of a reality. Despite those two practices mentioned above, I have discovered other ways to boost my energy. I have also found that doing the following also helps make me happier:

  1. Get outdoors: Even if it’s sitting outside for a few minutes or going for a quick walk, being outdoors makes you happier; it helps clear your mind and give you a change of scenery. Multiple studies have found that being outdoors is stimulating; it recharges your brain and boosts your energy.
  2. Clean up: I find that picking up physical clutter around me also helps get rid of the ongoing clutter taking up too much real estate in my brain. So, before you stress, look around: Are there stacks of paper on your desk? Is your working station a mess? Are there a pile of dishes in the sink? Taking time to clean up will help you feel more accomplished.
  3. Acting Energized: I got this one from Gretchen Rubin. I find it fascinating how we can trick our brains into believing something even if it’s not true. If we act energized, our brain and body will start to believe it. Try moving around or pacing around the house. I even try talking (most of the time to myself …no shame) animatedly about what needs to be done. You’ll find that you feel more energized and ready to do what you need to do. 
  4. Stttrreeeeettcchh!: This one is my favorite. Sometimes, when I am at work and feel like I am at my wits end, I stand up, and do a few stretches. I stretch my back, arms, neck, and legs, and after, I feel so much better. This is  a good practice if you spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk, like me.
  5. Make a to-do list: I love to-do lists. So. Much. Making a to-do list instantly makes me motivated. So the next time you are in a bind, try making a to-do list. Even if it’s just one or two tasks, you’ll be happy that you were able to make the time to write it down, and you’ll feel more energized to get it done.
  6. Eat something: Sometimes when your energy is low, it could mean that you are hungry. So, try eating something light to give you a little boost. Emphasis on light. One time, I ordered Chinese, and I ended up just watching Gilmore Girls on the couch for four hours. Finished a season, but that’s about it.

I hope this list helps you find your boost of energy and motivation. If you have any methods or practices that help you get your foot out the door, feel free to share in the comments below!