A weekend getaway | Burlington, VT

This weekend, we took a road trip with our friends to one of our favorite spots, Burlington, Vermont. We always seem to visit Burlington when it rains or when it is cold, but it is still a fun town with lots to do and see (and eat!). We had a great day!

Ian and I first visited Burlington in November of 2015. We had a great weekend exploring the city, eating comfort food and trying out craft beers. Though we did find some sunshine on a bike ride, this was my usual look:



This time, it was a lot warmer and we were able to stick to a couple of layers and be a little more comfortable. I wanted to share a few photos of our day!


We walked up and down Church Street exploring the shops and stopping at a few places for some snacks: Champlain Chocolatier for some fudge and hot cocoa is definitely a must! This street is filled with character: musicians, kiosks, and all types of restaurants from a quick bite to a sit-down meal.


We stopped into one of my favorite bookstores: Crow Bookshop. It’s filled with new and used books.



And of course, we made sure to walk down to the waterfront and enjoy the beauty of Lake Champlain.


I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into my weekend. Have you been to Burlington? What are some of your favorite spots?

Ireland | Cliffs of Moher

Today is our last day in Ireland and what better way to close out an amazing trip than a trip to the Cliffs of Moher! This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we couldn’t recommend it more to everyone. It’s a must-see. The cliffs are magnificent; it is a truly magical place. We found ourselves speechless as we climbed the cliffs.

Guests are able to learn more about the cliffs in the visitor center. You can take the stairs up on one side and visit the O’Brien’s Tower (which you will see in our photos). The tower was built specifically for tourists in 1835. You can then take the other pass and climb/walk throughout the cliffs on protected paths. Don’t get too comfortable though—there are plenty of warning signs throughout advising to be careful, not slip, and to watch for grassy areas due to frequent landslides! We did our best to stay on the path well from the edge and were in awe of the views.

OK—enough talking. Check ’em out!


Thank you, everyone, for following our adventures in Ireland! Stay tuned for our next trip in May—Quebec!


Kassondra and Ian go Bragh!

Tomorrow, Ian and I will head to Ireland for 10 days! This trip has been a dream of ours for the past 6 years (honestly, it’s been a dream of mine since I first watched “P.S. I Love You!”)—and it’s finally here! I hope you will follow our adventures. We plan to post as much as we can. Thanks for following!

-The “O’Mangiones” 😉



Take the plunge

Currently, I find myself sitting in a beach chair listening to the sound of the waves crash against the snowy, white sands of Miramar Beach. A few weeks ago, when we were invited on a spontaneous trip to visit family, my husband and I immediately hesitated. We thought about our jobs, about school, and about our lives at home. How can we put all of that on hold? We decided that a spontaneous trip, especially as we are about to travel to Ireland in a few weeks, was just out of the question. But then we thought: Why not? We had the vacation time for work and we have every ability to do schoolwork while by the pool or at nighttime. Plus, it wouldn’t be cold, rainy Connecticut!

We thought about the goal that we made for 2018—to be more spontaneous, to take risks, and enjoy life. Spending time with family we don’t see very often, and an incredible milestone (Ian’s great uncle turning 90), is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, we bought our plane tickets, woke up at 3 a.m. Thursday morning, and were welcomed to 70-degree weather and an extra hour in our day to soak up the vitamin D! Immediately, our stresses were gone, our spirits were lifted, and we are both feeling super relaxed.

When we got to the house (which overlooks the Gulf), my father-in-law prompted us to get on our bathing suits and jump into the ocean. Again, I found myself hesitating: The water is cold, and I’ve been traveling all day. Plus, the water is cold!! But, again, I stopped myself: Be spontaneous; you won’t regret it. A few minutes later, I found myself in my bathing suit running across the soft sand and submerging myself (I tripped in the ocean) in the cold, icy water. I took the plunge, and gosh, it felt good!



I stumbled across an incredible quote today that I thought I’d share that really speaks to our spontaneous trip: “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”