Make the Time

Writing isn’t easy. Every writer can attest to this. Trying to put words on paper (or in my case, in a text box) in an eloquent, and meaningful manner can be maddening at times. We have so much to say, but have no idea how to say it. Quite often,  I sit in front of my computer screen and write a couple paragraphs that I think are extremely enlightening,  or seriously on to something magical, and then, seconds after, they infuriate me, and I practically jab the backspace button with my palm until those thoughts disappear and I have a nice clean slate. Then, the cycle continues.

What do I want to write about? That’s the eternal question, folks. I’ve been struggling with finding this answer since July. It was in July when I logged on to this page and realized I haven’t touched it in over a year. A year! What excuse did I have? I didn’t have one. I just couldn’t find the time.

But, seriously. Who has the time? No one, really. If you know that person, I’d like to meet them and give them a firm handshake. If everyone had the time, we would be able to accomplish so many tasks. I personally would be a virtuoso, have a few novels under my belt, and successfully completed the  American Library Associations’ 100 Best Novels list. Not even close. If there is something that I have accomplished, however, it is the realization that you need to make time for yourself.

That sounds a lot simpler than it really is.

Finding that motivation is tough; after a 40-hour work week accompanied with gym sessions, housework, and other daily duties, it’s really tough to say: “OK–time to sit down and write about something illuminating that will make me feel accomplished!”

Do you really want to find the time for it? You already brained enough that day. You don’t want to sit down and rotate those sputtering cogs in your brain and churn something out that you’ll probably hate in the morning. What’s the point?

Nike said it, so I’ll say it too: just do it. That was lame, but it’s true. Finding the time, even scheduling the time will make you feel accomplished at first, and then so much better after you do it. Do it for yourself. Nothing is more important than your happiness. If you want to write, write. If you want to read a book, open up a dang book. You’ll be happy you did.

This blog is going to be a free, open space where I will write about whatever jumps at me in the moment. A majority of this blog will be about writing and reading, with plenty of William Zinsser quotes. Also, get ready for some book reviews, my thoughts on women’s issues, human rights, and some random posts in between. Woo!

If you’re lucky, I might even share some passages from the book I’m working on! But, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, I haven’t even started that yet.