Arts Café: Montréal

The Arts Café is a very hip and cozy restaurant on Fairmount Avenue in Montréal, Canada. We came across the café on a rainy morning when I spotted rows of books and strings of rustic light bulbs in the windows. I have what we call a “Kass-radar” for bookshops, and when I first saw the books and lights, I was intrigued. However, when I saw that there was a cappuccino machine, I saw myself making a beeline for the shop.

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When I opened the door, I was not disappointed. I was greeted with a rush of warm, sweet air filled with the smell of coffee and pastries. It reminded me of a real-life replica of Professor Trelawney’s classroom!


Feeling serendipitous, my husband and I sat down and ordered our drinks and looked at the menu. The menu had a variety of choices from a classic breakfast of eggs, toast, russet potato, salad and a choice of meat to Eggs Benedict and french toast. We went for the breakfast sandwich and classic breakfast.

The food was excellent, and the staff were very kind and attentive. What I liked the most about Arts Café was the atmosphere. Inside, there were tables to sit at, but also bars with stools. And, the books. There were books around the café from Jane Eyre to a biography on Salvador Dali. Along with bookshelves, the café had beautiful hanging plants and intriguing wall art. The café felt homey, and there were a few people reading books, doing work, or writing on their laptops with coffee and tea mugs at their tables. The entire café was very relaxed, and it seems as if there are guests who stay there most of the day. We never felt rushed to leave.

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If you ever visit Montréal, take time to stop at the Arts Café for a warm beverage and delicious breakfast that won’t disappoint!



Science is telling us to read more—and we should listen

Bibliophiles, rejoice! Today is National Book Lover’s Day!

For someone like me, every day is National Book Lover’s Day! As I mentioned in my post last June, Why I Read, Why I Write, reading and writing is an escape. Reading brings me solace; it helps me put reality on pause and enter a brand new world. Whether it is jumping on Buckbeak’s back with Harry, Hermione, and Sirius, or dancing in the Netherfield ballroom with Lizzie and Jane, I find peace and calm. Not to mention, in a world filled with screens, it is good to take some time away from the flashing, buzzing, and pinging, and open a book.

Reading is something that everyone should do. In fact, science demands it. Recent studies have found that reading books decreases stress levels, improves memory, and more. Here are five reasons why you should read more:

Reading reduces stress

There is nothing better than coming home from a busy day and sitting down on the couch with a book, blanket, and a hot cup of tea! When you’re feeling stressed, sometimes it’s better to put away your phone and electronic devices and dive into a brand new world. Reading will help calm your mind, shift your focus, and even give you the motivation to tackle those challenging tasks or combat your day-to-day stressors.

Reading stimulates your brain

Every time you pick up a book, you have the opportunity to boost your critical thinking, vision, language, vocabulary, and associated learning. Studies have even found that those who read on a regular basis throughout their lives (and even starting in the middle of their lives) experience slower memory and mental decline. So, the next time you want to get a good workout, try exercising your brain with a book!

Reading helps with your sleep

Shutting down your electronics and diving into a ritual of a hot cup of tea and a book before bed relaxes your mind and gets you into the routine of going to bed. Reading before sleeping will help clear your mind and avert your focus from the day’s stresses or tomorrow’s to-do list.

Reading helps you become more open minded

One of my favorite things about literature is the ability to enter an entirely new world filled with different thoughts, ideas, and experiences. As a reader, you are at the mercy of the narrator and characters, who might expose you to new points of view or events that you might not be aware of. Having the ability to read and accept different perspectives helps you become a more open-minded individual, thus a more successful, productive, and happier person!

Reading gives you a feeling of community

There is nothing better than meeting a fellow bookworm! Like any hobby, readers have plenty of opportunities to join different communities and talk about their love of books. From Goodreads to joining or establishing your own book club, books bring people together!

Happy National Book Lover’s Day! Celebrate by picking up a book!