Check-In: So long, summer

For most of my adult life, I would wish the summer away. Summer is hot, sticky, insufferable. After a few good beach days and cookouts, I am ready for crisp, cool weather, hoodies, and apple and pumpkin spice. But this year, my outlook on summer took quite a turn.

This was the first summer in a long time that I wished for it to stay. To stay warm and sunny for just a little longer. It might have to do with having air conditioning installed in my house, but it mostly is because I am seeing the season through a new pair of eyes: my daughter’s. (Let’s be real though, air conditioning is nice…)

This summer with Nora was one of my favorite summers of all time. I got to revisit the season through her perspective: licking a melting popsicle under the blistering sun (in her case, a breastmilk popsicle), feeling the cool grass on my toes, breathing in the smell of freshly-mown grass and watering plants, the scent of sunscreen and the sound of crashing waves. My baby was experiencing these things for the first time, and it was amazing to witness.

Nora loves the swing, and after a busy day at work, we would spend some time swinging and listening to the birds and neighbors relaxing in their yards. Some days, we would lie out on a blanket and look at the clouds, listening to music and practicing our tummy time (we have a crawler now). We went to a farm. We went to the beach. We went to my brother in law’s pool. We went to the park. We really enjoyed summer!

I will look back at this summer and remember it to be one of the best. I know that next summer will be better than ever.

Spooky season: We are ready for you!

August Movement Tally

August was quite the successful month when it came to my movement challenge. I discovered a new type of workout, Barre, and hit some impressive goals and personal records! I ran outdoors for the first time ever, ran two 5Ks (one outdoors!), and ran for one mile without stopping. I feel stronger than ever, and I’m proud to share that as of today, I have exercised for 60 days straight.

A photo of me celebrating 50 days of movement.

Here’s how August went:

  • 80 workouts
  • 32 hours, 20 minutes of exercise
  • 8, 129 calories burned
  • 55.95 miles “traveled”
    • Bike: 26.60
    • Run: 16.35
    • Walk: 16

One of my favorite moments of exercise was just the other day when I ran my first outdoor 5K. There were moments when I wanted to call my husband and ask him to pick me up, but then the adrenaline kicked in and I made it! I loved stopping at my midway point, the beach, and enjoyed the views. I couldn’t have been prouder of myself in that moment. Onward to September, where I will run in my first race!

July Movement Tally

Happy August!

Last month, I decided to start my own challenge and move every day for a year. From July 10, 2022 to July 10, 2023, I will move every day, whether it is walking, running, cycling, yoga, barre, pilates, swimming, you name it. I am on day 23 and boy, do I feel great! As a new mom, it is great to prioritize time each day to myself and feel accomplished. Exercising greatly improves my mental health, so that’s also a plus!

I wanted to share my stats for July and any interesting movement anecdotes for the month. I will do this moving forward as I continue my #365DaysofMovement journey.

Here’s how July went

  • 58 workouts
  • 23 hours, 4 minutes of exercise
  • 5,842 calories burned
  • 50.18 miles “traveled”

In July, I walked my main street, I ran my second 5K, I cycled with Lizzo on Peloton, and I took my first Barre class! It was a great month! I met up with friends for walks in my town and caught up with family members. I walked on the beach on our family vacation and played tennis with my husband. It was an excellent month of exercising!

365 Days of Movement

In May, I bought a treadmill.

Before my baby, I like to say that I was somewhat active. I got a Peloton at the start of the pandemic, and loved my rides throughout the week. When I was about 10 weeks pregnant, I started to bleed after exercising, so my doctor limited me to easy walks until postpartum to keep me and the baby healthy.

Fast-forward to a year later (and 40 pounds heavier). Once I was given the all-clear to exercise after having Nora, I slowly got back into a routine. I hopped back on the Peloton, went on walks around our neighborhood with Nora in the stroller, and … became a runner.

I started with walks on the treadmill. I would grab my Kindle and walk on an incline, reading my books and exercising at the same time. Soon, those walks became jogs and then the jogs became running classes with my Peloton app. I grew stronger and more confident in my runs, and at the end of June, I ran my first-ever 5K.

I have never been more proud. I am stronger now than I was before Nora. In many, many ways.

This morning, I packed Nora in her car seat and took her to a walking trail on our main street. It was an amazingly serene way to start my day, and it got me thinking: What if I prioritized movement every single day? So, that’s what I am going to do. 365 days of movement, and I am going to track each day with a photo.

It can be any type of movement: running, Peloton, walking, yoga. As long as I’m moving my body, it counts. I am excited to start this journey.

And, go!