Bonjour from Montréal! Day One

Bonjour from Montréal! I am currently writing on a cozy couch in our Airbnb in
Mile-End! It’s our first time using Airbnb, and although we were a little nervous to step out of our comfort zone, it’s a very relaxing and homey place! Not to mention— it’s affordable! The woman who lives here is a traveling artist and rents out her place while she’s doing shows. Her apartment is filled with hanging plants, paintings, and all types of artistic flair. It’s very cozy!

Ian and I left Connecticut this morning at about 8:30 a.m. We were very excited to get started on our journey! We decided to make a little pit stop in Burlington, VT to have lunch, stretch our legs a bit, and have a quick visit with Ian’s cousin and his fiancée. They’re getting married in a few weeks, so it was great to see them before their big day!

We love Burlington. Ian and I visited for the first time two years ago. It was very cold, so it was nice for both of us to visit again with warmer weather! We immediately made our way over to Church Street where you can find a mix of historic architecture, shops, restaurants, and street entertainment. It’s so fun! We met at The Red Onion, a delicious sandwich shop, and cafe, and got the Red Onion Sandwich: a hot sandwich with turkey, bacon, apples, red onions, smoked gruyere cheese with sun-dried tomato mayo. It’s so delicious!


After lunch, we walked around Church Street and took a trip down to view Lake Champlain! It was a beautiful day; after a few hours, we felt refreshed and ready to continue our journey up to Canada.

IMG_5660 (1).JPG


FullSizeRender (1)

We arrived in Montréal very tired from our drive, but exhilarated to be in a new place! After we unpacked and got settled, we decided to find a place to eat. We found this delicious restaurant, Lustucru, where we sat down and had some drinks and ordered our dinner! It was tough to order because we do not know French very well, but our waitress was incredible and helped us! I ordered the veal ravioli, and Ian ordered the beef dish. Both were very good. I also ordered an espresso, which is currently giving me the energy to write this blog post!


Tomorrow we are headed to Mont Royal to do some more hiking and exploration. We can’t wait!

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